DENNOS Bicycle Wheels

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Introducing our new product!


New frameset from DENNOS, exclusively and specially made for those who like spent their lives for fixed gear. FTR-33 has a strong and unique design, made from steel fiberglass composite and it is as strong as it looks.

Already included with futuristic fork FTR-33, bottom bracket, headset, and also integrated seatpost.

Frame size 54/55 and as usual colors are requested by customers. 

FTR-33 has been tested for strength and endurance in a very bad terrain for cycling and FTR-33 has proved that it is feasible to run and make their owners proud.

Whether you as a fixed gear racer or just a fixed gear rider, our wheels are the solution for your bike's wheels. Fixed gear riders enjoy the experience when cycling with style and pride using their bikes and we are ready to support all fixed gear racers or riders through DENNOS wheels.

DENNOS wheels , was designed to deal with all situations of the wind when you ride your bike with our wheels. Our wheels also designed to produce a better performance than ordinary wheels. 


Q : What is the material of this wheels?

A : The material is Plastic Aluminum Composite

Q : Is it strong enough even if the materials are Plastic Aluminum Composite?

A : Yes, it is. Our wheels is not just for style and pride, but also for the maximum performance.